Gymammo Ambassadors


You’ve made this far in the process. And, welcome to the Gymammo team.

If you haven’t signed up yet or need to login to the ambassador dashboard, please use this link.

Please read the below information of what is expected from you, and what you will get by being an active Gymammo team member.

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Your goal of being a Gymammo brand ambassador is to increase brand awareness in your online and local communities. This means to promote and showcase Gymammo brand, products, and lifestyle.

You can promote Gymammo through your social media and in-person communications. Be authentic and enthusiastic about the brand and products. The best way to promote is to show how Gymammo fits into your own fitness and healthy lifestyle, and then, encourage others to try it.

Some examples of promotional work

  • Write social media posts and stores showcasing Gymammo products,
  • Showcasing products in your local communities,
  • Mention Gymammo in conversations and social media comments,
  • Communicate with your followers to collect and provide feedback,
  • Join groups and communities where potential customers can be,
  • Write articles on your website and link to Gymammo’s website.

We do not have specific requirements or a number of posts you should create, we want you to do it based on what your audience likes. Over time, we will share some tips and best practices to help you spread the message about Gymammo. However, we will monitor your progress and engagement.

We ask you to tag Gymammo and use hashtags when you post on social media.





























Compensation and Benefits


You will receive a 10% commission on all your generated sales. It will be deposited to your PayPay account within a week of the order transaction. You will be provided with the unique:

  • Affiliate link which can be used in your website, blog or social media,
  • Discount code which you will share with your friends and followers to use at checkout.

Either affiliate link or discount code will give 15% off to anyone who will use it. There is no limit on the number of times it can be used.


You are also eligible for bonuses based on your sales performance. Bonus is an additional percentage added to the commission. Below are the tiers of monthly sales and additional bonus percentages for each tier.

Monthly Sales Tier

Tier Minimum

Payout Rate


Total Payout

$0 - $1,000





$1,001 - $10,000





$10,001 - $25,000





$25,001 +





Other Benefits and Gifts

  • You get your personal 50% discount on any Gymammo products. This is what you will use to buy your first product and start promoting.
  • You, as an ambassador and if you choose to, have a chance to be featured in Gymammo Magazine. We will have to have a discovery session with you and outline your story, and then it will be published on Gymammo’s website. We will share links to your blog and/or social media in the article so more people can find and follow you.


How to get it

Free product of your choice

When you reach the first $250 in sales

500 personalized business cards

When you reach the first $1000 in total sales

Gymammo Community

As Gymammo brand ambassador you will have access to our Discord. This space is used for announcements, questions, introductions, and any other communication between all team members. Please take full advantage of this space by posting your wins, questions, and feedback.

Join Fitness, Health and Wellness group where we are building a community of fitness enthusiasts. You can start interacting in this group by sharing your experience with Gymammo, your fitness and healthy lifestyle, as well as make new friends and build more following.


– Live Healthier Live –