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"Just because they are going to the gym. A lot of (sic) guys wear old t-shirts that look like they've been lying in the closet for 15 years. My workout clothes have to work!."_ Henrik Lundqvist. 
We agree with the words of Henrik Lundqvist. Looking great at the gym is not about your abs and packs; it also cuts across what you wear. Now that we've said that, this article answers a crucial question: should guys wear tank tops to the gym? So, please grab a cup of coffee as we discuss this. Tank tops are great gym outfits for men. They are comfortable and give you a full range of motion while working out. 
Tank tops are your best choice if you want to see your muscles in action while you work. Seeing your muscles in action can help build your motivation level and confidence. Personal preference differs, so not everyone might approve of tank tops at the gym. So, ensure your tank top is not overly exposed or too tight. 
tank top for gym

Why Do Guys Wear Tank Tops?

  • Comfort

A good reason why guys wear tank tops at the gym is to be comfortable and have a complete range of body motion. 
While working out, you exert a lot of energy, and you tend to breathe faster. A very restrictive piece of clothing would get uncomfortable with time. But with a tank top, you get more airflow and less restriction.
  • Heat

It's a no-brainer that exercising or working out makes you sweat a lot! So it is an excellent idea if you try to achieve some degree of coolness. 
During a workout, you risk fainting, developing cramps, or getting dizzy if you overheat. 
In mild cases, you may not experience all that, but you can be sure there will be a drop in your performance level.
Longer sleeves might feel a bit suffocating when you're pushing hard, causing you to sweat more. 
So, tank tops are your best bet to stay calm and still work those muscles.
  • Boost Confidence

On the plus side, tank tops are a great way to give your confidence a massive boost at the gym. 
If you've been working out for a while and you feel you can't see any progress, a tank top is a great way to see your pump and watch your muscles flex. Seeing your muscles in action gives your morale a huge spike urging you to keep at it.
  • Flaunt Your Body 

If you love building your body, tank tops are a terrific way to show off what your hard work has achieved!
We endorse a bit of showing off your workout achievement at the gym. If you've got it, flaunt it! (don't overdo it).
  • Feel Good

You need to feel as good as you can before starting a workout. So what you wear to the gym is essential. This time it's not about showing off, but how you feel about yourself.
If you feel good about yourself, chances are you will keep up with your routine and keep pushing hard to meet your fitness goals. Tank tops make you feel good when you work out.
So, if tank tops are great gym outfits, why do people have a problem with guys who wear tank tops?

Is It Inappropriate If A Guy Wears A Tank Top To The Gym?

No! The simple, straightforward answer to that question is a resounding no.
When you go to a public gym, chances are you work out with other people. So it's expected they have their opinions about your outfit.
Research done on 100 women about how they feel about men wearing tank tops got comments like:
From the research, we can deduce that most people don't feel tank tops are appropriate for the gym for personal reasons and culture. 
So, if you aren't in a marathon or a big sports event that requires full-on sportswear, it's great to tone down your gym wear to something you feel comfortable wearing.
What better way to feel comfortable than to wear tank tops?! 
Some people would replace tank tops for sleeveless shirts. Sleeveless shirts are a fantastic option too. But for the whole experience, we recommend tank tops.

How To Look Your Best Even In Tank Tops

Even though some people don't like tank tops due to personal preference, at Gymammo, we have compiled some tips on looking your best and accommodating everyone's choice.
man tank top for gym
Here are our tips:
  • The length of your tank top should stop just below the hoops of your belt.
  • The right fit of your tank top would be an inch away from your body. Not too tight, so your sweat lines aren't seeping through the top.
  • Choose tank tops with decent armholes, with no room for peeking nipples. Your tank top armholes should not descend below your first rib as a guide.
  • Tank tops alone are not best for winter, as they don't keep you warm. So, pair them up with something to give you warmth in winter.
  • Wear tank tops that don't overly expose your body. It might come off as "too much ." Only expose skin that's about a square inch from the end of the tank top as a guide. 
  • If you feel your tank tops would get sweat all over your work equipment, don't forget to carry along a towel to wipe down sweat on the surface.
These tips help you pull off a great look at the gym, make better choices, and break a sweat easily! Check out our wide array of tank top options here.
Now, keep pushing, keep your head high, your glutes tight, stay hydrated and keep your tank tops on!
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