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It does not matter whether you’re a gym enthusiast or a beginner, you will still need to have your fitness wardrobe sorted for that. You'll need to know how many outfits you need to continue working out without much hassle.
So, how many workout outfits should you have?
The answer is different for everyone because it depends entirely on how frequently you work out. Now that we have that part figured out, let's look into the actual amount of outfits you might need for your exercise routine.

How Should You Put A Workout Outfit Together?

It isn't easy to know how much or which training clothing you'll require. Yoga, bulk training, and pilates are just a few alternatives. But having the most impressive and fashionable workout outfit collection comes at a cost.
Rather than stuffing your wardrobe with identical leggings in eight different colors, here's a breakdown of how many sets of training gear you genuinely need.


Tops can be challenging since some people use them as ordinary shirts, but there is a limit to how many training tops you should purchase. A maximum of five should do, with an alternate between shirts, tank tops, and crop tops to cover all of your training requirements.

  • T-shirt

t-shirt for women

One benefit of investing in a t-shirt for your workout outfit is that it can function as casual and gym wear. We see certain variations of t-shirts, and at Gymammo, you can find the one that best meets your needs.
 Choose this bold V-Neck T-shirt that we believe is an excellent pick for workouts and other sports that require a lot of sweating. This t-shirt lets perspiration escape from the skin without soaking the fabric and leaving you feeling uncomfortable and uneasy.
It comes in three different colors and six different sizes.

  •  Tank Tops

racer back tank top

Tank tops help your body regulate its temperature and sweat. Using sleeveless clothing for a workout outfit might provide a more relaxed workout since your body moves for longer when it is chilly. They're also beneficial in exercises that demand a lot of body movement, such as those that target the back muscles.
Going for a tank top with lax, sweat-wicking material is imperative because study finds that wearing tight clothing may negatively impact your workout and give no results. This will help you do those intense workouts without having to feel your sweat on your own body.
Check out this Bold Racerback Tank Top. It comes in three colors and six different sizes that allow all body types to feel confident in their skin and broaden their fitness wardrobe.

  • Crop Tops

seamless crop top

Crop tops offer the same range of motion and breathability as sports bras but are far more comfortable.
A crop top will keep you surprisingly covered when you work out. Here's what we picked for you. It's budget-friendly and looks super fashionable too, allowing you to feel confident in your body. Check out this short-sleeve crop top—you can pair it with shorts or leggings to make a workout outfit.
These crop tops come in exciting colors that make you feel good about yourself and instantly lighten your mood. This way, your workouts are a lot more efficient.


Bottoms are an integral component of working out. They allow you to do all sorts of movement without holding you back. They are perfect for any routine, be it pilates, cardio, or weight training. Don't let your clothes restrain you as you work on those muscles.

  •  Shorts

seamless shorts

Shorts are worn by plenty of women who love to feel less restrained by clothes during their workout sessions. So, if you're looking for good-quality shorts that will make a good workout outfit, then you need to check these Ultimate Performance Shorts. They're sure to make your workout routine a lot more strenuous.

  • Leggings

seamless leggings

You can get Ultimate Performance Leggings in several colors for workouts that require you to sweat and move a lot. The leggings are stretchy and made of a superb fabric that transfers your sweat to the topmost layer of the material instead of absorbing it since moisture eases friction.
They're also a little constricting in the sense that they help with muscle weariness and are a great addition to your fitness wardrobe.


Last but definitely not least, outerwear plays a massive role in your workout routines. Wearing a hoodie, for example, will help your body warm up and trap the heat inside your body, which consequently speeds up the warm-up process.

  • Hoodies


Wearing a hoodie will help your body warm up and trap the heat inside your body, consequently speeding up the warm-up process. It is a great idea to start wearing hoodies during your warm-up session—it can be later taken off, sure.
In addition, the material allows you to go about your daily workout without much hassle. Check out this FLY French Terry Hoodie, which comes in three varying colors and sizes, adding a twist to your fitness wardrobe. This excellent quality hoodie allows you to exercise effectively.
If you are still confused as to why you should add a hoodie to your wardrobe, then read this blog; it'll answer all of your hoodie-related questions.

How Many Times Can You Wear Workout Outfits?

With that said, you can make a good workout outfit using any of the clothing items mentioned above. But wearing these fitness clothes depends on how much you work out and how often you do your laundry; if you work out three days a week, you only need three outfits—three tops and two bottoms.
We recommend that you buy at least four tops with a mix of t-shirts, crop tops, and tank tops, four leggings and shorts, and outerwear, preferably a hoodie that may allow you to warm up for your workout effectively.
If you wash your clothes after every workout session, you will not need to invest in a workout outfit frequently.

The Bottom Line

Now that you're aware of what you should add to your fitness wardrobe today, it's time for you to get rid of the old workout clothes cluttering your closet and get new ones.
Start fresh, do not let mediocre workout clothes stop you from achieving your fitness goals. Invest in better quality workout clothes, and your fitness wardrobe will thank you.

If you’re particularly looking for excellent quality fitness apparel, we recommend you explore through the wide variety of options available at Gymammo. Their purpose is to serve a community of people who want to live healthier lives by providing them with affordable clothes and tips, and motivation to support their fitness journey.

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