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Did you know that every fifth (5th) Americans did some running in 2020? This makes running the most popular outdoor activity in the USA.
outdoor running
But why do people choose running over any other exercise? Probably, because it does not require any special equipment to get started.
However, in order to take the most out of outdoor running, you will need to choose the tight clothes to wear. It is especially important during the cold weather.
One of the important choices about running clothes is to choose the best joggers you can run in comfortably, stay hydrated, and ones that will suit your style perfectly.
Let’s take a look at some of the criteria and benefits of joggers and help you choose the best option.

Quicker Warm Up to Reduce Risk of Injury

No secret that you should warm up before any workout. It is an important first step to prevent injury. However, some people neglect it because they either do not know how to do it right, or simply do not want to spend time on it.
But if you choose joggers, you do not need to spend a lot of time or do a special routine to warm up. Joggers are designed to keep you warm, so you could just start running at a slower pace for the first few minutes and then speed up once you warmed up.
Isn’t it a much simpler approach that actually works perfectly?

Keep Your Running Routine on Colder Days

Many people lose motivation on colder days and, as a result, skip running. When you have joggers in your wardrobe, you can pick them up on colder days and complete that running workout. You will feel so much better to prove to yourself that you can stick to your workout routine and nothing can stop you in achieving your goals.

Never Lose Your Keys

joggers with zipper pocket

People tend to take unnecessary items with them while running. But honestly all you really need is your keys to come back home. Right? Many tights, leggings, or other compression gear designed for running do not have pockets. This makes people hold keys in their hands, wear them on a wrist band, or find some other creative way. This is the perfect setup for losing your keys and spending time trying to figure out how to enter your home.
Joggers with zipper pockets solve this problem perfectly and you can focus on your running performance instead of worrying about your keys.

Even More Benefits on Fit and Style

elastic waist

If you are still not convinced that joggers are your best clothes choice for running in cold weather, and not only. Let’s take a look at Gymammo’s joggers, as an example, of what you can get.
On top of all the benefits that we have already covered above, Gymammo Joggers are stretchy and have an elastic waist.
Why is it important?
Well… if you want to wear underpants to keep you even warmer on an extremely cold day, you can. Because of the elastic waist, the joggers size can be expanded for up to 2 sizes up.
Same applies when you start losing weight after sticking to your running routines for a while.
Kudos to you, by the way!
The elastic waist and ties on Gymammo’s joggers will allow you to keep using your joggers for a long time without the need to purchase a new pair of smaller size every time you lose 5 or 10 lbs.
Some of our customers wear these joggers all year around and this is because of the breathable material that prevents you from overheating and dehydrating on warmer days. So, you do not have to worry that you will be wearing these joggers only during the coldest days of the year. The versatility of the joggers allows you to wear them any season.

What to Wear Joggers With

Since you have made the decision to go with joggers for your running exercises on colder days, let’s take a look at some options for what you can wear them with.
The best choice would be a hoodie that is not bulky or heavy but will still keep you warm and let you move freely. On top of this, you can always put the hood over your head to warm up quicker, or to stay warmer on a windy day.

Want to Buy Joggers for Running?

Browse our Performance Joggers Collection and choose your favorite pair, there are few colors to choose from. We process orders within 1-2 days and ship it fast within the USA. You can also take advantage of our free shipping option when you spend over $100 on your next order.
All purchases are covered by our 60-day easy return policy, in case you need to return your pair for any reason.
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