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If you are planning to start running, you may be asking yourself, “ What should I wear to run? or “How to dress to run outside in cold weather?” Those are the first questions that might appear in our minds. In this regard, our good news for you is that you do not need to spend a lot of money on fancy running clothes or too expensive apparel to be able to run. However, now the question arises, what are the important things to consider before choosing the best running clothes and where are the best places to buy running clothes ? It may seem a straightforward question. But it can be a bit tricky for many people as they have to choose some running clothes that are likely to give them ultimate protection from unexpected weather changes. So, if you are also wondering and are curious to know how you should choose the best running clothes, you are in the right place.
In order to make things easier for you, we have made a detailed guide that will take you through all the salient aspects that you should consider to choose a perfect running clothes, like: joggers for running, and hoodies for running, outdoor workout clothes for accomplishing hassle-free running.In today's article we will answer the following questions:
What are the benefits of running? 
How to choose running shoes?
What clothes to wear when running?
What not to wear during a run?
Where to buy the best running clothes?
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Benefits of Running

The best thing about running is that you don't need to workout for an hour or more to get benefits. If you are just starting your fitness journey then 15-20 minutes a day will be enough. If you feel that the exercise begins to feel easier, you can increase your time by adding extra  5 or 10  minutes.

It Improves Heart Health 

Running is a type of cardio exercise. That is the best way to keep your heart in proper condition, it helps to create a healthy heart and to prevent some diseases.

It Burns Fat 

Running helps you to lose those extra pounds. It is a highly recommended form of cardiovascular exercise. It provides various health benefits that are important for our body. It Creates Healthy Lungs
More you run the stronger your lungs get and with stronger lungs you will get better physical performance. 

It Helps To Sleep Better 

It is proven that regular running helps to give you a better sleep at night. Cardio will help tire you out, you will lose a lot of calories, which is a good way to get to sleep better.

It Gives You More Energy

Regular running will give you more energy throughout the day. Just remember how happy you feel after running or any other cardio activity. 

How To Choose Running Shoes?

A good pair of running shoes are essential for runners. Wearing shoes that are not the right fit for you may cause running injuries. 
When you are shopping for running shoes, do not go with a pair because you like that brand or price. Of course, we do not mean to buy the most expensive shoes in the store. But investing in a quality pair of running shoes is a great idea that can help you to prevent injuries and improve your running performance. 
There are so many different options for running shoes on the market today. 
If it is your first experience shopping for running shoes, you can visit some professional stores and shop for some brands that are focused on running shoes. For example, you can find a good pair of  Nike running shoes for an affordable price, or find some running shoes on .
nike running shoes
There are no shopping limits nowadays. 
Here is some statistic about the most popular running shoes brands on the market today
running shoes brands
Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for new running shoes.
Lightweight Shoes. If you are new to running try to go with lighter weight shoes. 
Tread. Think about where you will be running. Indoor or outdoor workouts? 
You might also consider non-slip shoes to prevent injuries. 
Reflective surface. To be safe during the run after sunset you should get a pair of shoes that have some sort of reflective materials.
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What Are The Best Clothes For Running?

When you are planning to get started with running, you do not need to shop for the whole new closet of running clothes. But if you are looking to pick some new clothes, here are some tips where to start. 

Running Socks

As a runner, try to avoid wearing cotton socks. They would keep the moisture and won't get wicked away when your feet sweat. Instead, wear running socks that are made of synthetic materials, like: polyester, spandex, acrylic. 

Running Clothes 

Clothes that are designed for runners should be lightweight, and made of synthetic materials: nylon, acrylic, polyester, spandex. These workout clothes will keep you warm and dry during the cold season. Running hoodies for cold weather and lightweight joggers are the best options for running when it is cold. Read about the tips for buying the perfect hoodie here .
When you go for a run, try not to overdress. Remember, once you start jogging or running, your body will warm up quickly and you will feel almost 20 degrees warmer. 

What Not To Wear During A Run?

Clothes Made Of 100% Cotton

As we mentioned before, wearing 100% cotton clothes for running is not a good idea. Because as soon as cotton made clothes get wet, it will stay wet. Wet clothes can make you feel very uncomfortable. You might consider cotton and synthetic blends. For example, running clothes made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, will be perfect. Your skin will breathe and feel comfortable while running. 

Worn Out Running Shoes

Wearing your old or worn-out shoes for running can lead to dangerous injuries. Over time, all running shoes are losing support and stability. Running in worn-out shoes increases risk of leg and back injuries. 

Where to Buy The Best Running Clothes?

Gymammo offers comfortable, breathable, stretchable and affordable workout clothes that are great for runners as well. The best part about Gymammo products is that wearing them gives you a sense of ease and comfort. So what are you waiting for?! Experience the difference with Gymammo today and feel the change. 
gymammo running t-shirt
Gymammo Men's Crew Neck T-Shirt is a favorite among our customers. It is incredibly soft, lightweight and durable, yet more affordable than many of its counterparts. Pre-laundered for accuracy in sizing, these t-shirts will stay true to fit and form.
workout joggers for men
Gymammo Ultimate Performance Joggers are stretchy yet durable and feel comfortable when you want to get the most of your workout or just a long day.
Our joggers are the hot selling product that are comfortable, appealing, and are at the most affordable cost. The best part about these joggers is that wearing them gives you a sense of ease and comfort. So what are you waiting for?! Gymammo Workout Joggers are designed to keep all your essential items with you. Pockets in workout clothes are a great benefit. Everybody carries a cell phone or keys while working out so pockets are a big deal when you start shopping for the best running joggers for men. 
gymammo workout activewear
Gymammo Seamless Leggings will keep you comfortable through any type of training, plus they look cute enough to wear beyond the gym. 
  • 52% nylon, 40% polyester, 8% elastane
  • High waist
  • Super stretch
  • Shape-enhancing
  • Breathable
  • Quick Dry formula

running hoodie

 Gymammo offers comfortable, breathable, stretchable and affordable running hoodies for women and men. The best part about Gymammo products is that wearing them gives you a sense of ease and comfort.
Gymammo French Terry Hoodie  brings the trendiest, fashion-forward spin on a clothing classic. The 60 % cotton 40% polyester blend of this lightweight French terry hoodie consists of soft piles and loops of yarn on the inside of the garment for the softest touch against your skin, and a smoother (but equally soft) outer surface; and, the unisex fit is flattering for both men and women.

​Founded to enhance your workout, Gymammo made it their goal to design, produce, and distribute ready-to-wear athletic apparel made for all workouts. Shop Gymammo running collection.
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