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Getting yourself to the gym requires motivation, but believe it or not, what you wear to the gym plays an important part in your fitness journey. It does not really matter whether you’re an experienced gym enthusiast or just a beginner, you will still need to avoid some things when getting to the gym. Those 3-year-old running shoes, or 100 percent cotton t-shirts, can actually make your workout uncomfortable. Here's what you should never wear to the gym:

Worn-Out Sports Shoes 

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Most experts say you should replace your sports shoes every 300 to 500 miles. When you start to notice obvious, and visible wear and tear on your workout shoes it might be a sign to look for a new pair of shoes. Your sports shoes can break down on the inside even if they still look great from the outside! Always, pay attention to the level of support on your running shoes to avoid injuries. Worn-out running shoes provide less cushioning, the bottoms get worn down, and as a result it can throw off the alignment of your feet, hips and knees. Pay attention to how your feet and knees feel after a workout, or running. Read more about when to replace your running shoes here.

Clothes Made of 100% Cotton 

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Did you know that some fabrics may do more harm than good? When it comes to workout clothes, it may seem like a very simple process of just putting something on and going to the gym. There are so many factors to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right gym clothing that is suited for all your needs, like comfort, breathability, and sweat-wicking ability. Avoid workout clothes that are made of 100 percent cotton fabric. Cotton usually absorbs moisture very quickly, that excess moisture weighs you down, makes you feel uncomfortable to workout in a wet T-Shirt.  Instead, if you like cotton material look for a combination of materials like: 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester, or choose dry-fit clothes and moisture-wicking fabrics. Read here to get more tips about what fabrics are good for workout clothes.

Too Baggy Clothes 

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Wearing too baggy clothes to the gym can be dangerous. Your clothes can easily get caught in the workout equipment. Also, it is hard to see your body form when you are wearing a baggy t-shirt or joggers, because when your form is incorrect, it is easy to injure yourself.

Regular Bras

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Wearing a regular bra to workout can be very uncomfortable and you can easily injure your chest, back. A good sports bra offers a lot of health benefits and also helps to maintain a great workout. Finding the right sports bra can make a big difference in your workout routine. Perfect sports bra should be comfortable, easy to get on and off, and of course it should be supportive, so you can wear it for running, walking or intensive workout at the gym. Also, it should be durable, seamless and good looking. Choosing a seamless sports bra can give you another level of comfort. There is no underwire, the straps don't dig in because seamless sports bras are designed with soft and wide straps so they do not dig into your shoulders but provide the best comfort. Racerback seamless sport bras allow you a full range of movement while providing the best support.



If you are afraid to leave your jewelry in the locker, then leave them at home. For your safety,  necklaces, long earrings are a no-go on the gym floor. It depends on what kind of workout you do, or what equipment you usually use at the gym, but remember that jewelry can easily get tangled in any workout equipment. What about rings? Are they fine to wear to the gym? The rings are fine when you do cardio or any other training than lifting. Wearing rings when you are lifting could affect your grip on the weights. Also, the pressure of a weight against your ring can damage the metal or a stone on your ring.

Where To Buy Workout Clothes? 

Gymammo offers comfortable, breathable, stretchable and affordable workout clothes that are great for any type of workouts. The best part about Gymammo products is that wearing them gives you a sense of ease and comfort. So what are you waiting for?! Experience the difference with Gymammo today and feel the change. 
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Gymammo Men's Crew Neck T-Shirt is a favorite among our customers. It is incredibly soft, lightweight and durable, yet more affordable than many of its counterparts. Pre-laundered for accuracy in sizing, these t-shirts will stay true to fit and form.
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Gymammo Ultimate Performance Joggers are stretchy yet durable and feel comfortable when you want to get the most of your workout or just a long day.
Our joggers are the hot selling product that are comfortable, appealing, and are at the most affordable cost. The best part about these joggers is that wearing them gives you a sense of ease and comfort. So what are you waiting for?! Gymammo Workout Joggers are designed to keep all your essential items with you. Pockets in workout clothes are a great benefit. Everybody carries a cell phone or keys while working out so pockets are a big deal when you start shopping for the best running joggers for men. 
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Gymammo French Terry Hoodie  brings the trendiest, fashion-forward spin on a clothing classic. The 60 % cotton 40% polyester blend of this lightweight French terry hoodie consists of soft piles and loops of yarn on the inside of the garment for the softest touch against your skin, and a smoother (but equally soft) outer surface; and, the unisex fit is flattering for both men and women.
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Gymammo Seamless Racerback Sports Bra will keep you comfortable through any type of training with its shape-enhancing, sweat-wicking and breathable fabrics, 52% nylon, 40% polyester, 8% elastane, super stretch, shape-enhancing, breathable, quick dry formula.

​Founded to enhance your workout, Gymammo made it their goal to design, produce, and distribute ready-to-wear athletic apparel made for all workouts. 
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