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For optimum health and fitness, not just activewear, but also something as basic as water, serves as an essential nutrient on which our body relies. It keeps us hydrated at any stage of functioning in the human body and deals with crucial processes. Research has shown that water is an essential nutrient in sports nutrition if you're physically active. Here are some of the main reasons why you need to remain hydrated even though you are not an athlete.

The main nutrient is water

The human body consists of more than 60 percent water. On-going researches continue to report encouraging results on why sustaining good health needs to drink lots of water every day.
Water is required by our body in order to sustain hydration, digestive, pulse, lung health, joint lubrication, tissue protection, body temperature control, and much more.
One can consider water to be our lifeline, and its health advantages are infinite. It helps us to feel, act, and even look the best.

Water also aids with weight loss

Some studies indicate that in-taking more water can assist in weight loss, mostly when consumed in place of other high-calorie drinks. Replacing calorie-sweetened beverages with water will contribute to weight loss by reducing the cumulative consumption of calories.
Before a meal, consuming a glass of water has been found to suppress hunger, help digestion, and improve metabolism.
Thirst for hunger is often misunderstood by individuals and may encourage weight gain. Proper hydration has been related to more significant management of metabolism and more robust performance in weight loss.
When you are feeling drained from daily work load or from workouts wearing gym clothes, it is suggested by diet experts to consider evaluating your fluid consumption. Inadequate hydration may contribute to symptoms of exhaustion and tiredness. A basic thirst versus hunger test has been shown to aid with the management of portions.
Drinking water will also decrease the consumption of sugary sodas or drinks filled with excessive calories during the day.
Research on thermogenesis caused by water found that consuming cold water increases the body's energy expenditure. The energy boost tends to be generated by the body's effort to warm up the water to body temperature. The improvement in metabolism and improved weight loss will help illustrate this hypothesis.

Water eliminates belly bloat

It may feel awkward retaining water or feel bloated. It is usually triggered by inadequate digestion, elevated salt consumption, and menstrual cycle-related hormone variations.
Many people feel that if they are bloated, they can stop drinking water, but this is typically not the case with those without pre-existing health problems. Bear in mind that there is a distinction between constant water accumulation and mild bloating, which may be a symptom of kidney problems or other health problems. If you are ever overweight, or if you are concerned, talk to the healthcare provider.
To resist dehydration, retaining water is the standard defensive measure of the body. Now is not the time to hold back from drinking water while you're bloated.
To minimize bloating, water is a good cure. The flushing process begins with drinking a lot during your entire daily routine.
The amount of remaining salt would be decreased by consuming more water. It also lubricates the intestine, which would hasten the removal of food that is belly-bloating.

Water aids in digestion

Insufficient consumption of fluid can impact digestion and lead to constipation. Make sure you're drinking enough water to keep things going at an average and relaxed pace.
Water from what you eat and drink during the day binds to the large intestine's soluble fiber. This helps to maximize the bulk of stool, decrease transit time, and make it easy to remove waste for you.
The body pulls water from the stool if there is not enough blood for these operations, leading to constipation signs.
Drinking lots of water tends to reduce constipation, encourages good digestion, flushes toxins, and relieves the liver and kidneys' pressure.

Water helps in keeping our skin healthy

If you suffer from skin that is brittle and lifeless? Perhaps you ought to drink enough water. Clear skin continues and benefits from adequate hydration from inside.
The body, particularly during a workout and in hot conditions, loses water by sweat. Drinking water assures the rehydration and replenishment of our skin's natural lubrication.
Your skin likes humidity. Drinking plenty of water helps to restore flexibility and prevents dryness.
It's also lovely to use lotion to moisten your skin, but drinking water is the primary way to keep your skin well-hydrated.

How much water should you drink regularly?

The water requirement in our body depends on the amount of water we drink as well as the amount of food we eat. It may vary from person to person depending on age, environment and activity levels.
We lose water as part of natural body processes, such as sweating, coughing, and going to the toilet. Even more, fluid is lost while we are overly busy, in a hot environment, running a fever, or having diarrhea or vomiting symptoms.
To keep the body safe and hydrated, one should avoid the depletion of water within their body. Not sure if you drink enough water every day? Test the color of your urine. Balanced urine is a positive sign that you drink lots of water.
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