Top 3 Questions About Hoodies Answered
Do you remember walking into the gym and seeing someone working out in a hoodie even on a warm day? People wear hoodies for different reasons. Some people wear a cozy french terry hoodie for comfort around the house, or as a part of their weekend casual outfit. The others are wearing a hoodie while working out to prevent injuries or burn more calories. In today's article we will answer the most popular top 3 questions about hoodies.
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Should I Wear a Hoodie While Working Out?

This decision is up to you! Why wear a hoodie when working out? It depends on your preferences and comfort while working out in the gym. You need to stay focused, and do not distract yourself with discomfort while training. Sometimes the air conditioner is cool in the gym, and wearing a workout hoodie might be a good idea, so you can stay warm while warming up exercises. It is essential to warm up before any workout. The main reason for warming up before any fitness exercise is to prevent injury during intensive workout. So, wearing a hoodie while working out can help you to trap the heat inside your body and warm-up your muscles way faster. However, if it is already too hot where you workout, you might get heat exhaustion, in this case you should take a hoodie off and keep workout in a tank top or t-shirt.
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Does Wearing a Hoodie Burn More Calories?

When you are wearing a hoodie while working out and doing some cardio exercises, your body temperature increases more than usual,  the circulation increases more, and your heart rate increases to maintain your body temperature. Because your heart rate increases, your workout is getting more intense, and you sweat more and may burn more calories when workout in a hoodie than in a tank top or t-shirt.  It is a common myth in fitness that wearing a sweatshirt, or a workout hoodie makes you lose weight faster, just because you sweat more. Wearing a hoodie while working out will make you sweat more, and though increased sweating burns more calories through increased heart rate, the majority of fitness coaches think that sweating is water weight. Bodybuilders and athletes who need to lose some amount of weight in a very short time usually workout in a hoodie to lose water weight. ​​ 
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Why Do People Wear Hoodies at the Beginning of Their Workout and Then Take It Off Later?

Most people start working out in a hoodie to warm up quicker. As it was mentioned before, working out in a hoodie can help your body sweat. But, for some people, sweating does not come easily. Wearing a workout hoodie for men, or a lightweight hoodie for women can encourage your body to get its sweat on. After warm up or intensive cardio exercise most people take off a hoodie and keep working out in a t-shirt. It is more comfortable to do lifting exercises in a tank top or t-shirt. Also, some long sleeve  lightweight hoodies for women are made of cotton only, and they get heavy when you sweat during cardio, and it is a good idea to take that heavy hoodie off. 

Where To Find The Best Hoodies?

If you are looking for the best hoodie and still have some questions how to choose one, hope Gymammo article about tips for buying the perfect hoodie will help you to find your best workout hoodie.
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