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Have you been running for a while and feeling it is time for a new challenge? But you are unsure how to pass the running plateau. Your goal is to improve running performance, but you really do not know how to get started. Learning how to improve your running performance will help you to increase your running speed, endurance, and self-confidence as well. This article will provide some general benefits of running and some tips how to improve your running performance. 

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Benefits of running

It Improves Heart Health 

Running is a type of cardiovascular exercise that is the best way to keep your heart in proper shape and optical health. It helps to create a healthy heart and to prevent some diseases.

It Burns Fat 

Running as a cardio exercise burns up fat and calories, helping you to lose those extra pounds. It is a highly recommended form of exercise. It provides various health benefits that are important for our body. Your physical and mental health will be improved with regular exercising.

It Creates Healthy Lungs

More you run the stronger your lungs get and with stronger lungs you will get better physical performance. 

It Helps To Sleep Better 

It is proven that regular running helps to give you a better sleep at night. Cardio will help tire you out, you will lose a lot of calories, which is a good way to get to sleep better.

It Gives You More Energy

Regular running will give you more energy throughout the day. Just remember how happy you feel after running or any other cardio activity. 

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How Long Should You Run?

The best thing about running is that you don't need to workout for an hour or more to get benefits. If you are just starting your fitness journey then 15-20 minutes a day will be enough. If you feel that the exercise begins to feel easier, you can increase your time by adding extra  5 or 10  minutes.

How To Improve Running Performance?

Improve Your Posture And Running Form

Many runners can improve upon their posture and running form.Next time when you running take inventory of your posture. Paying close attention to your current running form can help open your eyes to any changes you need to improve. Evaluate any movements that you are making that can take some extra energy or slow you down.

Adjust Your Nutrition Strategy

When increasing your speed, running time, mileage, it is very important to eat the right food. An hour or 30 min  before your running get a mix of protein and fast acting sugars to get some energy for a long run.

Keep A Training Log

Sometimes it feels like it has been an eternity since we’ve made any running improvements. When it feels like we are doing everything right while exercising and still not improving, one of the most helpful tools we can use at this moment  is a training log. Make sure to maintain a log of all your workouts, cardio exercises such as running, it is a great way to monitor your running progress. One important thing about running is that you are able to compete with yourself.

Add Yoga and Get Enough Recovery 

If you feel like your running performance is not improving then the reason might be simple: you are not recovering enough. Remember, recovery is a key aspect of training. While actual training, nutrition strategy and hydration can certainly impact your running, recovery time is essential for improving running performance over time. Adding Yoga to your weekly training can help to rejuvenate tired muscles and also allows you to feel better.

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