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Are you a runner or maybe just planning to start running? Have you already wonder if it is better to wear shorts or leggings for running? When it comes to choosing the bottom for running, the options usually boil down to two items: leggings and shorts. You might be surprised but the choice of activewear could affect the quality and time of your running. It is always a good idea to match the right bottom with the right workout and weather conditions. In today's article we will talk about clothes for running such as shorts and leggings. We will go through pros and cons, and find out what is better for running - shorts or leggings.
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Leggings For Running 

Leggings are the best option to consider when running in cold weather or inside on a treadmill. Leggings will better insulate your legs while you are outdoor, keeping your muscles warm and helping to retain your body heat. But when it is too hot outside you should consider wearing shorts. The best leggings for running are seamless. They are compression, comfortable, lightweight, and durable. There is no place for heavy materials when it comes to running clothes. Lightweight materials are essential when choosing leggings for running. Gymammo seamless leggings are designed and made to be the most lightweight and comfortable option for runners. They are  designed to keep you comfortable without feeling bulky. 
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Pros and Cons of Running in Leggings 

Pro #1 Leggings provide circulation
Pro #2 Leggings are warm
Pro #3 Leggings reduce chafing 
Pro #4 Leggings can provide compression support 
Cons: It might be too hot wearing leggings for running in summer. 

Shorts for Running 

Shorts are essential for runners during summertime. If you live in a hot weather state where it is summer all year round, then a pair of running shorts are the best option for you, so save your leggings for indoor workout. Shorts come in a different variety of styles, fittings, lengths. Shorts allow the air to circulate around your legs, keeping your legs cooler than leggings. When it comes to choosing shorts for running, the best option will be seamless shorts. They are designed to fit firmly, without feeling bulky. Wearing seamless shorts while running is an excellent choice to avoid your risk for muscle soreness. Overheating can ruin your running performance, so do not let it happen. Seamless Ultimate Performance Shorts will keep you comfortable through any type of training, so you can move freely and confidently.
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Pros and Cons of Running in Shorts 

Pro #1 Shorts Are Lightweight 
Pro #2 Shorts Can Keep You Cool When Running In Hot Weather
Cons: Shorts can chafe, making you feel uncomfortable while running. Shorts are only good for summertime if you are running outside.

Leggings Vs. Shorts  

Usually, the choice is obvious, so the decision is up to you. Too hot? Then Shorts. Cool or windy weather outside? Leggings. Running at the gym on a treadmill? Choose the bottom activewear that is more comfortable for you. 

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