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What Is Hot Yoga?

 “Hot yoga” is a type of yoga that is performed in a heated room. In hot yoga class you are holding poses for a minute or moving quickly from one pose to another. Hot yoga classes usually last 60 to 120 minutes and often include postures and breathing techniques from other traditional yoga. This type of yoga has become incredibly popular all over the world, and with its benefits we can see why. But if you are new to yoga and would like to try hot yoga for the first time, there are some things you should be prepared for. 
This article will provide some key information about hot yoga, describing its benefits and risks. 
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History of Hot Yoga

The first form of hot yoga was founded by Bikram Choudhury in the 1970s, and it was named Bikram Yoga. This form of yoga is practiced in a room with a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level of 40-45 percent. 
The purpose of practicing this type of yoga is to increase heart rate for a more intense workout. 

What To Expect From A Hot Yoga Class

Expect a shorter warm-up on a hot yoga class than in others yoga classes, this is because less time needed to warm up muscles. The next step will be going through a series of different yoga postures. Usually hot yoga classes last 60-90 minutes. In hot yoga classes teachers often give instructions without doing them too. 
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Benefits of Hot Yoga

Cardiovascular health

    Exercising in the hot temperature room increases your heart rate and makes the body work harder than is a standard room temperature, so a hot yoga class will be more strenuous for your  body than a similar class of traditional yoga.


       Many people doing hot yoga will claim that because you sweat a lot in a hot yoga class, you’re detoxing. This isn’t exactly correct. Unfortunately, toxins cannot leave the body through skin or pores. Instead, this job primarily targets your kidneys and liver, the body’s detoxifying organs. They do a really good job on their own, as long as you’re staying healthy. The fact is that cardiovascular exercises can help boost your metabolism, and also can help you flush toxins, just remember to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. 


        The breathing exercises that are often done in a hot yoga class can over time help you to increase your lung capacity and help you breathe better.


          Because it is hot in the room you will be able to move deeper into stretches and won’t have to warm up as much as in the traditional yoga class with a lower temperature.
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          Possible Risks

          During hot yoga class, your muscles are relaxed and so flexible from the heat, more than during traditional yoga, it is easier to overstretch and even injure yourself.  Also, if you are sensitive to the heat then hot yoga would not work for you as it can put you at risk for heatstroke. Avoid hot yoga if you have cardiovascular issues. Always talk to your doctor before practicing any new exercise, especially like hot yoga. 

          According to the International Journal of Exercise Science, hot yoga participants are at risk for dehydration due to the nature of the environment they exercise in. Findings from this study highlight the individual variability that occurs in hydration management in yoga participants and the need for personalized hydration guidelines.

          How To Get Started With Hot Yoga

          There are a few important steps that will help you to prepare before your first hot yoga class. 
          Since you will be sweating a lot during workout, you need to make sure to drink plenty of water before your class. Do not eat heavy meals before class, as your stomach will be full and would not feel good during any abs exercises. Also, bring your own yoga mat, a towel and the most essential item is a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Just a recommendation from us, try to schedule your class after work or on the weekends, as your muscles will be relaxed and you will need some rest after hot yoga class.  

          What To Wear To A Hot Yoga Class

          Because it is very hot in the room, consider wearing clothing that will keep you cool during the exercises. Choose the most lightweight fabrics, wear  comfortable and breathable activewear.
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