All you need to know about cardio workouts
What do you usually think about when you hear the word “cardio''? 
Let us guess, you think of sweat dripping off your face while running on the treadmill, right? Some people use cardiovascular exercise for weight loss only, but it has other benefits as well. Read on to learn more about  cardio exercises, the benefits of doing cardio and how to create an effective cardiovascular exercise routine. 

What Is Cardio?

Cardio exercise is any aerobic or rhythmic activity that raises your heart rate. 
It is called the target heart rate zone, where you burn the most fat and calories. Cardio exercises include running, stair climbing, walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, aerobic and fitness classes or any other running sports.. 
Cardio is one of the main types of exercise that people can engage in. Every time you do cardio exercise you are working out your heart and circulatory system.
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 Benefits Of Cardio

  • It Burns Fat 

Cardio exercises burn up fat and calories, helping you to lose those extra pounds. 
Cardio exercise is a highly recommended form of exercise. It provides various health benefits that are important for our body. Your physical and mental health will be improved with regular exercising. 
  • It Improves Heart Health

Did you know that regular cardio exercises lower your LDL cholesterol? Cardiovascular exercise is  the best way to keep your heart in proper shape and optical health. It helps to create a healthy heart and to prevent some diseases. 
  • It Improves Metabolism 

As you already know that cardio boosting heart rate, it also increases the rate of various processes in your body, it is known as metabolism. 
  • It Regulates Diabetes 

Regular cardio exercise will increase your muscles to utilize glucose and      keep your blood sugar levels under control.
  • It Creates Healthy Lungs

More you do cardio the stronger your lungs get and with stronger  lungs you will get better physical performance.  
  • It Helps To Sleep Better 

It is proven that regular cardio exercise helps to give you a better sleep at night. Cardio will help tire you out, you will lose a lot of calories, which is a good way to get to sleep better. 
  • It Gives You More Energy

Regular cardio exercising will give you more energy throughout the day. Just remember how happy you feel after running or any other cardio activity. 

How To Choose A Cardio Exercise? 

Think about what activities you enjoy the most, it will be your first step in choosing the right workout for you. Because if you don't like the exercise you would not stick with it for the long-term. 
If you enjoy being outdoors then jogging, walking, running or cycling are the best choices for you. If you like to workout at home then you can do home cardio exercises like jumping jacks, burpees, jumping or jogging in place. Also, you can buy your own treadmill, climber, stationary bike or elliptical. In case if you still don't know what you like yet then you can try several different activities and find out the one or even more that you enjoy. 

How Long Should a Cardio Workout Last?

The best thing about cardio is that you don't need to workout for an hour or more to get benefits. If you are just starting your fitness journey then 10-15 minutes a day will be enough. If you feel that the exercise begins to feel easier then you can increase your time by adding 5 or 10  minutes.  Always consult with your doctor before you plan to start any cardiovascular activity. 
If you do cardio for weight loss then you need to create a calorie deficit. Consider using a calorie counting app to calculate your daily calories, to input your daily food intake and physical activity throughout the  day. You will be able to check your calories in/calories out equation.

Factors That Affect How Quickly You Burn Calories:

  • Age 
  • Body Composition 
  • Gender 
  • Daily Activities 
  • Weight 
  • Intensity of Workout 
Which Cardio Exercises Burn The Most Calories

Calories Used per Hour in Common Physical Activities

Moderate Physical Activity

Approximate Calories/30 Minutes for a 154 lb Person1

Approximate Calories/Hr for a 154 lb Person1




Light gardening/yard work






Golf (walking and carrying clubs)



Bicycling (<10 mph)



Walking (3.5 mph)



Weight lifting (general light workout)






Vigorous Physical Activity

Approximate Calories/30 Minutes for a 154 lb Person1

Approximate Calories/Hr for a 154 lb Person1

Running/jogging (5 mph)



Bicycling (>10 mph)



Swimming (slow freestyle laps)






Walking (4.5 mph)



Heavy yard work (chopping wood)



Weight lifting (vigorous effort)


Basketball (vigorous)



How To Stagger Your Workouts

When you try to stagger your workouts do your best to include moderate-intensity and high-intensity cardio exercises in your fitness plan. For example, you can perform 20-40 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio, like power walking or swimming, three days a week. Then try to up the intensity for the other two days and do some workouts like running or bicycling.
Before you  begin any exercise program, make sure you talk to your doctor. Just to make sure the cardio exercise is safe for you to do. If your body tells you that you are doing too much, it's time to reduce your exercise intensity or even to stop that exercise and get some rest. Just remember the more you practice, the easier it gets.

Best Activewear That Are Basically Perfect For Cardio Workouts

  • Lightweight Tank Top so your body can breathe through a running session without feeling too sweaty. 
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