4 Tips to Help you Choose the Best Leggings for you and your Workout
Choosing the right shape and style in women’s workout leggings for your body shape is so important when it comes to being comfortable during your workout. Women hate when they’re working out and they constantly have to pull their leggings up or unroll the waistband. It makes the workout a terrible experience.
Believe it or not, there is a right way to choose women’s workout leggings and a wrong way to choose workout leggings. Here are 4 tips to help you choose the best women’s workout leggings depending on your body type and the types of workouts you do:

Choose the right material

There are so many different materials when it comes to leggings. You can get cotton, spandex, nylon, etc. Different material leggings are made for different occasions. For example, you won’t want to wear leather leggings to the gym. Not only will you look out of place, but you also sweat yourself to death. When it comes to choosing a legging material to wear for your workouts, we recommend going with spandex material. A spandex material legging will keep you sucked in during your workout so you can feel confident, and it’ll also allow your legs to breathe during your workout.


Sizing is one of the most important things to get right when choosing the best leggings for you and working out. You don’t want to get a size too small because it will be squeezing you in all the wrong places, and that’s what causes leggings waistbands to roll down while you move around. You also don’t want to get a size too big because it won’t hold you in enough, and you’ll have to constantly pull your leggings up during your workout. Make sure to take accurate measurements of your body before buying new leggings if you’re buying online. If you’re buying in-store, we recommend trying them on before buying and doing some weird movements to see if they’ll roll up or fall.


Everyone has different preferences when it comes to legging length. Some people prefer Capri-length leggings, while others prefer ankle-length leggings. We recommend trying both styles out during workouts to get a feel for what length you prefer. There is no right or wrong way to choose a length for your leggings, this one is all preference.

High-waisted vs low-waisted

This is another thing to think of when choosing leggings – the waist height. This is another thing that is based on your specific preference, but we always recommend high-waisted leggings. They’re great for keeping your stomach tight and held in while you work out – which makes women feel extremely confident when they work out. You can never go wrong with high-waisted leggings, but again, it’s all about your preference!
When it comes to choosing the best leggings for your workout, it’s something you need to take time with. If you don’t wear the right leggings, you won’t want to work out because you know you’ll be pulling up your leggings and unrolling the waistband the entire time. Women’s workout leggings are one of the most popular sellers here at Gymammo. If you want to check them out and order your new favorite workout leggings, you can do so by clicking here!
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Charlotte Fleet

Charlotte Fleet

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