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Men and women have very different styles when it comes to working out – their outfits, their music, their workout choices, etc. When it comes to choosing proper attire for the gym, most women choose to wear tank tops for their workouts. It isn’t a fashion thing or them trying to show off their muscles, there are actual reasons behind their choice to wear tank tops while they workout.

So, here are the 3 reasons why women choose tank Tops as their workout clothes:

Allows skin to breathe

This is the most obvious reason women choose to wear tank tops during their workouts. Women sweat just as much as men do while they work out and feeling like your skin is suffocating while you’re working out is no good. Women like to let their skin breathe during the workouts so they don’t overheat and potentially pass out from being so warm. By wearing tank tops during a workout, you keep your pores open which can result in not getting as much acne from your pores being clogged from a different type of shirt – this shows that wearing a tank top is the best way to let your skin and pores breathe during your workout.

They can check their form

Most women like to wear tank tops during their workout, especially on days when their workout is arm-based, because you can see your muscles contracting and releasing, and you can ensure you have the right form for whatever workout you are doing. If you are working out your biceps, but you don’t see that specific muscle moving, that means your form is off and you’re doing something wrong. If you were wearing a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt, you wouldn’t notice that and you’d continue that workout wrong. By wearing a tank top, you can see if the correct muscle is moving for whatever workout you’re performing.

Longer workout

It’s obvious that the less you sweat and the cooler you stay, the longer and more intense your workout can be. If you wear a long sleeve shirt to the gym, you’ll sweat a lot more and the heat will be trapped in your shirt, meaning you won’t work out for as long. By wearing a tank top, your pores and skin can breathe and you won’t get as hot as quickly, meaning your workout can be much longer and much more intense than you planned. If you want to make sure you get a good, long workout in, trying wearing a tank top rather than a long sleeve or sweatshirt. You’ll burn just as many calories even though you may not sweat as much.
Wearing tank tops during a workout is what a lot of women choose. Workout tops allow their skin to breathe, which allows them to work out harder and longer since the heat their body produces doesn’t sit inside their shirt. If you’re never tried working out with a tank top, we recommend trying out some of our best-selling workout tops! You can shop our activewear for women here. Our tank tops are crafted with lightweight fabrics that allow your skin to breathe so you can have an effective workout every time.
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